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4 Mistakes To Avoid When Undertaking DIY Pull Handle Installation

Pull handles are a standard feature on doors and kitchen cabinets. If installed correctly, they can last for several years. However, amateurs can make several mistakes during installation that affect the durability of the pull handles. Below are various errors that you should avoid when installing pull handles.

Failure to assess the quality of the door

The quality of the door should determine the type of pull handles that you install. Some doors are made of solid wood and others consist of a sheet of plywood placed over a frame. When the door is made of plywood, it would be a mistake to use screws provided when purchasing the pull handle. This is because the screws might be too short and will not fix firmly on the surface of the door. Such a handle will loosen after being used several times. Always assess the door, and if it is not solid, you should buy longer screws that will ensure the pull handles are fixed firmly to the surface of the door or kitchen cabinets.

Placing priority on aesthetic appeal instead of functionality

It is normal to want a stylish pull handle for your door or kitchen cabinets. However, this should not be the only factor to consider when picking out one. Is the pull handle strong enough? Can it handle regular traffic without breaking? These are some of the questions that you should ask before making a purchase. Some stylish pull handles are weak and if you place them on a door that is regularly used, it will break. To prevent such incidences, it is better to use a stronger pull handle even if it is not aesthetically appealing.

Poor positioning of the pull handle

Professionals understand the importance of strategically positioning and failure to adhere to these guidelines can cause problems for users. An example is when the pull handle is placed a considerable distance away from the edge of the door. This can make it difficult to open the door and also to install the deadbolt. Always read through the installation guidelines to determine the best position for the pull handle to enable it to work effectively.

As such, if you are not sure about any steps that are required during the installation process, consult with an expert who will offer the necessary guidance. Some of these mistakes will affect not only the durability of the handles but also the strength of the doors or kitchen cabinets.