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Reasons to Call a Car Locksmith Over Your Car Dealership for Transponder Key Replacement Explained

Like many other motorists out there, you probably don't fancy the idea of being locked out of your car, especially in the dead of night and when you are miles away from home. Issues with your car locks and keys can leave you stranded and in a desperate situation. This is because like most car owners, you probably never take your car spare keys along with you when leaving home by car. This may be because you don't remember where the spare keys are, or you simply don't have the keys at all. 

If you use an auto transponder key to operate your car, the first thought that would come to mind when you lose the key would be to call the dealership that sold the vehicle to you. While the dealership can replace your automotive key, so can a car locksmith!

With that said, the following are some compelling reasons why you should call a locksmith rather than contacting your car dealership:

Readily Available

Availability is one of the key reasons to consider contacting a locksmith rather than a dealership. Unlike car dealerships that are available only during certain business hours and days, a locksmith is available 24/7. Whether late at night or at the crack of dawn, a locksmith is only a call away. They will come to you and help you solve your problem much faster than a dealership can.

Reduced Costs

If you choose to call your car dealership rather than a car locksmith, you will have to incur towing charges to the dealership and key replacement charges too. Dealerships will not come where you are at your point of need. The cost of a replaced key will depend on the model of your car. Contrastingly, a locksmith will come where you are stalled and charge a fraction of the amount the dealership would charge for their services. So why pay more when you can pay for quicker, cheaper services?

Specialised Expertise

Car dealerships are good at general repairs, unlike a car locksmith who has specific expertise to deal with locks. A locksmith has special tools and the knowledge that will allow them to solve your car problem fast and effectively. In addition, a locksmith can also deal with other car key problems apart from lost transponder keys. These include a key getting stuck in the ignition, a damaged car ignition caused by attempted theft and a car ignition that is worn out.

Therefore, you'll always be better off thinking of an auto locksmith when dealing with transponder and other key-related problems, as they are specialists in that.