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3 Lesser-Known Emergency Locksmith Services

An emergency locksmith is a tradesperson who is available 24/7 for 365 days to take care of your lock needs. At least it is what most people think, but it is not entirely accurate. Yes, an emergency locksmith primarily deals with all matters locks — windows, doors, gates, and safes, etc. — but they do much more. The fact that homeowners do not know all emergency locksmith services means that they do not get value for money. This article highlights some of the lesser-known services provided by emergency locksmiths.

Safe Inspection

Finding your home vandalised is not the best of experiences. Most people panic and call an emergency locksmith and the local police. An emergency locksmith will repair, rekey, and change the locks while the police investigate the incident. However, did you know that an emergency locksmith can also inspect your safe in such incidences? If someone breaks into your home, they must have a reason for doing it. If you have a safe, the chances are high that a burglar might have successfully or unsuccessfully gained access. An emergency locksmith will gladly offer to inspect your safe for signs of a breach.

Offer Security Surveys

When an emergency locksmith shows up at your front door on Christmas day, the chances are high that you will only be thinking about locks and keys. However, emergency locksmiths are rarely busy during holidays, and most use the time to conduct security surveys of their clients' properties. Few homeowners think about a security survey when upgrading or repairing their locks. It can be attributed to the misconception that such surveys fall under security specialists' purview. While there is some truth to it, modern emergency locksmiths are also trained to conduct security surveys. It means that they can examine your home's perimeter and highlight the spots. For instance, if garage windows do not have a lock, an emergency locksmith may recommend an upgrade.

Unlock Your Mailbox

Mailboxes contain sensitive information, which people can use against you. For example, if your mailbox has a damaged lock, someone can take the mail, copy the address, and use it to order illegal stuff, which they can pick when you are away. Unfortunately, most homeowners often ignore their mailboxes, not knowing that an emergency locksmith can easily repair the lock. Therefore, if your mailbox's lock is damaged, do not hesitate to call an emergency locksmith.

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